Be There Technology®

Be There Technology

Corporate Conference or Seminar

  • Attendees can connect from anywhere
  • Integrate video, surveys and slides
  • View from multiple camera angles
  • Connect from unlimited locations
  • Super easy for speakers & presenters
  • Event Manager handles everything
  • Incorporate sponsors, logos, ads
  • Live two-way communication
  • Significantly less expensive than travel
Be There Technology

Weddings & Family Gatherings

  • Participate in the live ceremony
  • Follow bride down the aisle
  • View from multiple camera angles
  • Watch as they through the bouquet
  • Participate in giving a toast
  • Walk around visit with others
  • Tell stories to the group via large video screens
  • Have a digital recording forever
  • Have the entire family ‘be there’ without the cost
Be There Technology

Religious Services & Events

  • Reach more people with virtual services
  • Unlimited space requirements
  • Connect with youth in their environment
  • Save & replay content anytime
  • Broadcast to parking lots & large screens
  • Very cost effective
  • Watch on facebook, YouTube or website
  • Have speakers contribute for anywhere
Be There Technology

Special Events, Festivals & Concerts

  • Watch the live event from anywhere
  • Go backstage and meet the band
  • View from multiple camera angles
  • Walk the vendors & activities
  • Live two-way communication
  • Walk around visit with others
  • Free or pay-to-view configurations
  • Sell ad space, sponsor videos & more
Be There Technology

Creative Backstage has developed a custom virtual event system called Be There Technology® that allows you the “Be There” virtually, regardless of the event: Corporate Meetings, Seminars, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, Fundraisers and anywhere you can think of where you want participation.

Be There Technology
Be There Technology

The system provides virtual guests the opportunity to interact with others at an event utilizing local ambassadors, remote cameras, and large video screens. This allows remote guests to give toasts at weddings, participate in a discussion, listen to a concert, walk the festival grounds, see vendors, get a behind the scenes look, participate in on conversations, hear/tell stories, act like a fly on the wall, do fly overs, run/walk in a charity event and so much more.
This service can be offered free of charge to your guests or for a fee that each guest pays for online, all viewable through our streaming browser on a computer, tablet or mobile device, and secured with 128k encryption to protect your privacy.

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