•FLOGOS - Helium infused foam that is shaped into an logo and released into the air.

• New Chauvet FunFetti -NO CO2 or COMPRESSED AIR, great for smaller events and parties . See Video Below

• Confetti in different colors or shapes and Rice Paper that dissolves in water

• M8 Foggers- 40,000 Cu.Ft / min  - Twice as much as a F-100 fogger



•FLOGOS- Flying Logos

• CO2 Jets / Gun

• Confetti Cannons -CO2 Continuous Mini & Big Blasters

• Confetti Cannons -Double Barrel Air Compressed

• Confetti Hopper With Turbo Fan -Chauvet FunFetti

• Fog / Haze Effects / Pyro Foggers

•Low-lying Fog

• Lasers

• Mirror Balls and Other Effects








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Lighting, Sound, Video, Staging and More


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