• No Drones here, we fly in a real helicopter, with a real camera and a real person

• The Advantages of a person with camera taking pictures is that we can get that money shot.

•Special pricing for the Phoenix area

• We can take pictures of other things then just events



Need pictures of your event from 600ft  to 2000ft and upwards?

No Problem!!

We created this service too ofter our customers something different then pictures with a drone. Do not take us wrong, we love drones and may offer this service later on. But with drones its just that, they are drones and not a real person taking the pictures. PLUS drones are limited to 400ft, we can get nice and high to capture your whole event site or property.

Aerial shoots are around 15mins and we will take as many shots as we can in both jpg and raw.

Do not worry about flight plans or permits, we will take care of that on our own.




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